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Gizelle loves her BKR

Gisele Bundchen’s Beauty Essential Is A BKR

Gisele Bundchen was recently named the highest paid model by Forbes Magazine, clocking in at a cool $42 million for 2013.  Just to put that in perspective, she makes more than her hubby, Tom Brady who made a measly $38 million last year.

This stunning beauty was seen last week walking through the streets of Boston carrying her Canary BKR Bottle.  Our guess is that this is the way the beautiful people stay beautiful!  You can get yours at

Giselle made her money in 2013 on modeling contract with Pantene, Oral B, Chanel and H&M.  The business saavy beauty also cashed in on her partnership with Brazilian footwear company Grendene and her cosmetics line, Sejaa